Lay Lines templates

This small piece came about through looking at an Ordnance Survey map of the area around Glastonbury and taking inspiration from the field shapes.  Working in a sketch book I came up with several designs and this is the first one to be made up in fabric.  I created a template and used this as the pattern for cutting my fabrics.  The fabrics are a mix of commercial and hand dyed pieces from my stash.  Having created a series on the winter levels using black white and gold colours I wanted to create a soft misty colour palette in greens and blues (with some mauve and pinks) to reflect the changing seasons.  I used Bondaweb to “glue” the fabrics in position and covered the fields in white sheers which were cut back to create a misty effect and to reveal the patterns underneath.   The whole piece was quilted using machine stitching against the raw edges and to create the field shapes.  It was finished with an “invisible” binding to the back giving a clean edge all round.


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